Gaskar Group acquired the developer Wokka Lokka

Gaskar Group acquired the software developer for smartwatches Wokka Lokka. The Gaskar Group intends to invest in product development to integrate the software into its wearable devices further, which are currently widely used in construction to assess labor costs and help in the event of injuries.

Wokka Lokka is an online family service for the safety and development of children. A GPS watch and a mobile app for smartphones track your child's activity and motivate them to develop new skills and good habits through play. The service is popular with users from 53 countries of the world.

Gaskar Group is the developer of Exon, a cloud-based construction project management system that includes services for collecting data from wearable devices, sensors, hardware and software systems, which serve to form a forecast and issue recommendations. As a result of the consortium, Wokka Lokka developments will also be used in smartwatches for construction sites.

After the merger, each participant will promote and develop their industry solutions within a large complex product - a digital construction based on Exon.

“Gaskar Group is expanding its product line under its brand. Our task is to improve existing solutions, develop and implement new ones. Wokka Lokka has a significant share of the smartwatch software market and has established itself well among users. Such cooperation will allow us to offer our customers a really useful and convenient product, ”said Igor Afanasyev, SEO of Gaskar Group.

“Keeping children and adults safe is the main goal of our product. The merger with the Gaskar Group will strengthen our position and expertise as a developer of IoT solutions, and will also allow us to go beyond our market into new industries, ”commented Alena Kropotova, director of Wokka Lokka.