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A unified information system based on Exon has been implemented in the International Medical Cluster

Gaskar Group has completed the first stage of implementing the building module of the International Medical Cluster's unified information system based on Exon (UIS IMC). The information system forms a work plan at the facility for the entire construction period and records all the work instructions. The customer can remotely manage all the schedules, as well as track the correction of his comments.

Exon is a modular construction management system. The project team can manage the construction progress remotely: create schedules for each block of the construction, conduct digital document flow, manage the budget, etc. The Exon cloud system also includes services for obtaining and analyzing data from drones, smartwatches and identification cards, and a marketplace for construction services.

The scheduling and network planning module generates a work plan for specialists in each direction. The forecast function allows you to assess the project's risks, correct resource planning and avoid spending on eliminating the construction lag.

The construction control module promptly informs about the presence or elimination of regulations on the site. The service shows reliable information for operational management decisions on contractors, types of work, categories of comments and deadlines for completion.

“UIS IMC controls the work schedule and knows where, by whom and what violations were committed. The online format allows each member of the project team to see up-to-date information and make timely decisions about the course of the construction process, ”said Igor Afanasyev, General Director of Gaskar Group.

“The medical cluster team pays special attention to the possibilities of new technologies that can make the construction process safer and more efficient. In the international medical cluster, we have implemented a unified information system of the IMC Foundation, based on Exon.Thanks to this, the IMC team has the opportunity to manage the construction progress online effectively, distribute resources, quickly assess risks, monitor the execution of instructions and predict the result - all this will optimize resources and provide high-quality work in a short time, "said the International Medical Cluster Foundation Construction Director  Timur Andrbaev.