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Rusbase: Serial production of fully autonomous drone ports has started in Russia

At first, HIVE dronoports will operate in the flagship areas of the Gaskar Group (construction, mining and development). HIVE is an integrator of drone and drone port monitoring solutions, one of the Gaskar Group brands.

Before launching into serial production, the drone ports took part in experimental flights at a coal mine at -20 ° C in the Kemerovo Region, during the construction of a medical cluster in Skolkovo. According to the Gaskar Group, HIVE has permission to fly and personal approval for placement of a drone port from the mayor of Innopolis, Ruslan Shagaleev.

The Russian drone market in the first half of 2020 reached 1.3 billion rubles. Russia's residents bought about 100 thousand quadrocopters, models for photo and video shooting with Full HD or 4K cameras were in demand.

In the fall, Russian engineers presented the Ptero project, the goal of which is to create a drone sharing network for mass use. The pilot is already being implemented in Surgut.