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Wokka Lokka has developed a children's smartwatch with its own software

Monday - November 16, 2020, Great weather to start - we're ready.
09:30 - Wokka Space children's watch website launched.
11:34 - The first order has been placed and assembled. The flight is normal.
12:05 - Shipment to Wildberries and Ozon warehouses completed.
12:30 - Engines to the maximum. Let's continue our journey!

Within the first week, the watch attracted the attention of parents, and demand continues to grow. Wokka Space is the first children's watch with a full-fledged Android 6.0 OS, which increases the accuracy of positioning compared with analogs, thanks to the use of Google services, the same as on Android phones. New technologies, proprietary developments and software integration into the latest smartwatch models allow Wokka Lokka to be raised to a new level.

Before launching, we surveyed users and found out what they lack in current watch models. This is how we developed a mobile application that solves the most important problems of parents:
· See the child's location with an accuracy of five meters and always know that he is safe.
· Listen to the sound around the child - know if he is on the lesson, whether it is possible to call him or is it better not to distract him.
· Constant communication with a child through a watch - it is harder to lose it than a phone, and it is always on hand, not in a pocket.
· Our watches have much longer battery life, and the need to be recharged is less often.
· The watch has a video call, and it can work over Wi-Fi, which will help save on Internet traffic.
· The Wokka Space watch is compatible with any carrier and 4G network, which means you no longer need to look for SIM cards with support for 2G, and the data transfer rate from the watch far exceeds the competition.
· We have also preserved the already familiar functions: video/audio calls, text messages, sending photos/videos and stickers, Russian interface.

Wokka Space is a full-fledged smartphone on a child's hand. Today, not every smartwatch model can boast of such a wide range of functionality. We tried to create a new concept in the market - "IT products for children".
The basics of Wokka Space:
Safety is a key feature of the new watch. Track your child's location on the map using the parent app.
Protection - Wokka Space moisture / shockproof. The watch is excellent for kids, teenagers and has an IP67 rating. You can walk in the rain, wash your hands and submerge them to a depth of one meter in the water.
High-quality video calling - a two-way video call from the Wokka Lokka app is now in HD.
Wokka Space specifications:
Protection against moisture and dust - IP67
Touch screen 240x240
2MP HD camera
Bluetooth 4.0
Battery capacity 720Mah
Working time without recharging up to 48 hours