Convenient devices to simplify the usual work
Turnstile with Face ID biometric identification
The human face is a unique social “passport” with personal biometric information protected from imitation. We use facial biometrics in access control systems (ACS), comparing each passing person with information in the database. The smart system instantly reads the anatomy and individual facial features in a three-dimensional model and recognizes the person.
Passage automation
Time tracking
An automated system for recording working hours, monitoring and controlling the movement of employees using smartwatches.
GPS / Glonass navigation
SOS signal
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
Exon Watch
Smartwatch for reliable monitoring of employees at workplaces. The watch recognizes employees by biometric data, transmits information about their exact location at the facility and provides security by promptly sending alarms.
Indoor positioning system
Energy saving battery
Support 4G, 3G (WCDMA), GSM
Accelerometer and heart rate monitor
Built-in camera
Face ID - face recognition technology
IP cameras
They allow you to observe in detail what is happening on the construction site and observe each employee. Face ID is used to recognize employees' faces and determine if they are wearing personal protective equipment - helmets, uniforms, masks, gloves.
360° rotation
Reading car plates
High resolution and zoom
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