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Family is one of the most important aspects of life, so we want our loved ones to be always safe and connected.

Look after your kids with the Wokka Lokka family application. With a GPS watch, you can always be sure that your child is all right, and a smart key fob will help keep valuable belongings.
GPS watch
Smart key fobs
Mobile app
Gaskar Group solutions for the whole family
Children's smart watches Wokka Watch and Wokka Space
With the help of kids watch and the Wokka Lokka mobile app, you can look after your kids anytime, anywhere. Receive notifications when they come home or to school. See their exact location. Hear the sound around them. Call or write directly to the watch. Use a video call. The watch will relieve you of your child's safety concerns forever.
Wokka Key Finder
The Wokka Key Finder locator helps you save time and belongings. You just need to attach the keychain to your keys, wallet, backpack, or any other item you can forget at home or leave on the street. As soon as you move 25 meters away from the mark, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. You will be able to return in time and quickly find the item thanks to accurate geolocation up to 20 centimeters.
Wokka Lokka mobile application
A multi-language application will open up new opportunities for the whole family and help you look after your child: exact location, movement history, sound around, family chat, parental control, and convenient notifications.
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